Corporate Social Responsability

Save the Children

In April of 2022, Ria Money Transfer announced an extended partnership with Save the Children, a leading global humanitarian organization for children, that goes beyond our support of the organization’s emergency efforts in Ukraine and other regions. We are helping Save the Children drive positive change and provide access to quality education to more than 10,000 children in Mexico and the Philippines, whose well-being has deteriorated because of the global COVID pandemic.

The programs, created to address the lingering effects of the pandemic, are designed to help guarantee uninterrupted education and enhance continuous access to safe and qualitative learning opportunities for children from birth to 6-years-old.

In the event of future Save the Children emergency appeals anywhere in the world, we will once again enable our global network of approximately 500,000 locations in more than 160 countries to collect donations.

The partnership helps improve the lives of children through relief efforts in emergencies, but also through supporting better education and enhanced well-being to help them thrive long-term.

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The World We Share

A money transfer starts long before a customer walks into our store or downloads our app.  

It starts when someone brave leaves behind everything they know to provide a better life for those they love.  
It crosses continents and oceans, by foot, plane, or boat. And when it finally gets to its destination, it has to find a home, a job, a community.  
Beginnings are hard, but they make the first transfer all that more special.  

Welcoming a new customer means another one of us has found their way in the world. It means another family has a chance at breaking out of poverty, at starting their own business, at raising children with access to everything life has to offer.   

There’s a story behind every transaction, and we believe it’s our honor and responsibility to share it. 

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