Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos Wherever You Are in the World

October 31, 2022

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos Wherever You Are in the World

It may be called the Day of the Dead, but for the majority of Mexicans — it’s time to celebrate life!

Day of the Dead, or Día de Los Muertos, happens every year on November 1 and 2. It’s a holiday that originates from Mexico, where celebrants honor the lives of their deceased loved ones. The divide between the living and the dead is thought to dissolve, and the spirits of the dead awaken to return to feast with family and friends.

Now, the celebration has spread across the globe with many joyous traditions you can observe anywhere. Here are our top 4 ways of celebrating Dia de Los Muertos wherever you are in the world:

1. Create your own ofrenda, or altar

Ofrendas, or offers, are truly the heart of the holiday. During Día de Los Muertos, people create these colorful altars around their homes and loved ones’ graves to celebrate the departed. Even if you are living abroad, you can easily put one together in your own home.

Start by including the traditional offerings of candles and Marigold flowers, often called “flowers of the dead” because of their sweet scent that’s said to attract spirits. Then it’s time to personalize! Decorate the altar with mementos that remind you of your departed loved ones — photos, favorite foods and sweets are popular choices.

Calavera de Azucar, or sugar skulls, are also very common. This iconic decor can be a fun activity to make at home with a few simple ingredients. Don’t forget colorful frosting to decorate!

2. Feast on the traditions

No Day of the Dead celebration is complete without a feast! Families often make their departed loved one’s favorite foods, and some may include an empty setting at the table.

Pan de Muerto, or “bread of the dead,” is a popular and symbolic choice. Its round shape is said to represent the circle of life. Make a loaf for your own meal or consider including one in your ofrenda.

3. Find festivities near you

Día de Los Muertos doesn’t only happen in Mexico. This vibrant celebration has spread across the world! You might be surprised by what’s in your area. Festivals and parades can be found across major cities, where you’ll see people dressed up for the occasion. Many local bakeries and shops also stock colorful, skull-shaped cookies and treats.

4. Send gifts to loved ones back home

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