The World We Share

The World We Share: Stories of Courage, Hope, and Dreams

September 29, 2022

The World We Share: Stories of Courage, Hope, and Dreams

The ties that bind people to the place they call home can take decades or even generations to form. Our language, culture, the stories we’ve heard since we were children, and the people who have known us for years all strengthen our connection to our home and help define who we are.

There are more than 280 million migrants in the world today who have abandoned what they know best to venture out into the unknown. Often, they have left behind the people they love to live as outsiders in a culture they may not understand, facing the challenge each day of communicating in a language that is not their own.

The reasons why they choose to leave the comfort of a familiar environment to risk the unknown are as varied as the places they come from. Some want to give their families a brighter future. Others want to learn and work among the best and the brightest or are reuniting with loved ones. For some, political or economic turmoil leave them no choice but to abandon their home.

Ria is a company made up of migrants, to serve migrants. Many of us have experienced the stress and uncertainty of building a life far from home. We know that providing our customers with a great service starts with listening so we can better understand their needs.

Our customers’ stories are important. In the fall of 2019, we decided to talk to some of them and share what they told us with the rest of the world. The World We Share is a collection of personal stories about our customers, told by our customers: the circumstances that led them to leave home, their dreams, and the realities they face every day as an international migrant.

After a forced stop due to the pandemic, we have re-started the project. We will periodically publish new videos featuring a Ria customer explaining in their own words how their experience of migration has impacted themselves, their families and their communities new and old.

You can see all of the World We Share stories on our blog.

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