Consumer Fraud Alert

Don’t send money:

  • to a stranger – only send money to people you know personally!
  • to pay for an online purchase
  • to someone claiming to be a relative in a crisis or an emergency you have not confirmed
  • for a deposit or payment on a rental property
  • for anti-virus protection
  • for a mystery shopping assignment
  • to pay for rent
  • for a credit card loan fee
  • to claim lottery prize winnings
  • to resolve an immigration matter
  • to pay for something in response to a telemarketing call. Telemarketers cannot sell you anything and take payment by money transfer from anyone in the US. This is illegal activity!

✓ Never share the transaction reference number or recipient details to anyone other than the intended recipient!

✓ If you have reason to believe you are the victim of a scam, DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS TRANSFER, and immediately contact Ria's anti-fraud department. Call 1-877-443-1399 or send an email to

✓ Remember that when you send money the recipient will receive it quickly. Once the money is paid out, Ria may not be able to give you a refund, even if you are a victim of fraud.

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